Garden Project Update

A blog post from a couple of weeks ago ( introduced the “Garden Project” that we are working on here at the Children’s home.  Some have expressed interested in knowing more and learning about how they might support the project.  Thus, here’s an update with some more information.

Below is a cost breakdown of what will be needed to make the project fully happen.  At this point, the project has simply involved labor to prepare all the garden terraces.  We did set up one irrigation system as a test case.  We were able to set that one up primarily with spare materials (pipe, etc.) around the compound.  Going forward, however, we’ll need to purchase some materials.  The below cost breakdown is bare minimum.  With additional funds we could buy more water barrels for rain collection, more pipe for more ditches, more garden tools for the kids and more seed.  So really this project needs between $600 and $1000 USD.

Garden Project Costs


Ethio. Birr


120 meters of plastic pipe for irrigation ditches (180 / 12 meters pipe) 1800 104
5 large (80 liter) water barrels (160 ETB each) 800 46
300 meters of 1 inch plastic irrigation tubing 6000 348
clamps, spouts, and fittings to set up pipe and tubing 200 12
new garden tools (100 ETB / shovel, 30 ETB / hand-hoe) 500 29
seed 1000 58
Total 10,300 $597

Below is an outline of our schedule to launch this project by March (which is when we expect to start getting a little rain, which, together with our irrigation system, should be enough water to start and sustain the gardens.

  1. Jan. 16 – 27 – finish digging and leveling terraces (4 down, 2-3 more to go)
  2. Jan. 19 – 23 – price needed supplies and blog an update with price breakdown
  3. Jan. 30 – Feb. 3 – dig out remaining irrigation ditches
  4. Feb. 3 – hold first meeting with kids to prepare them for planting
  5. Feb. 6 – 8 – set up irrigation pipes and barrels
  6. Feb. 9 – 13 – make trip to Addis; purchase irrigation tubing
  7. Feb. 14 – 17 – spread compost and till up gardens
  8. Feb. 17 – meeting with kids
  9. Feb. 20 – 24 – perforate and set up irrigation tubing
  10. Feb. 24 – meeting with kids
  11. Feb. 27 – Mar. 2 – purchase seed and set up some extra rain collection barrels
  12. Mar. 2 – meeting with kids
  13. March – plant after a couple of good rains

Below are a few updated pictures of our progress.

Looking down on our first 2 completed terraces... now all leveled and ready for irrigation set-up. You can see our 3rd terrace in the background, below it is another that we're working on, and beyond the 3rd one is another completed one and space for at least one more to be made.

Looking up from below on the first 1 completed terraces.

A third completed terrace ready for irrigation set-up... we've intentionally left a slight slope with all the terraces to help with gravity irrigation.

Looking up from below... directly in front is a 5th terrace that we're currently working on... above it, you can see the 3rd terrace from the previous picture.

This is our 4th terrace... there will be at least one more below this one.

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