Why Can’t the U.S. Have Better Labor Laws?

Last week I was doing some fun reading… 57 pages of the Ethiopian Labour Proclamation of 2003 (I’m a nerd, true, but actually when I say “fun” reading, I am being sarcastic).  I was struck with how generous the laws are towards workers.  Here are a few examples of laws that apply to all permanent employees regardless of field, industry, etc.:

  • New employees should be considered permanent employees after a maximum of a 45-day probationary period.
  • All permanent employees should receive 14 paid vacation days after their first year of employment and should accumulate one more paid vacation day for every year of employment.
  • Family Leave:  An employee should receive 3 paid leave days when he / she gets married or for a death in the family (including extended family).
  • Sick Leave:  An employee is permitted up to 6 months sick leave (with medical documentation) within a calendar year; the first month at full pay; the next two months at half pay; the final three months without pay.
  • Maternity Leave:  Female employees are permitted 30 days paid leave prior to expected date of birth and 60 days of paid leave after birth.

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